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Rural planning – Spatial economics


Rural planning – Sustainable development management


Rural planning – Rural economy development


Urban planning – Urban environment


Urban planning – Urban rehabilitation and renewal


Urban planning – Urban housing


Urban planning – Urban housing and rehabilitation



Lectures of Human Geography

Infrastructure, Tourism Facilities and Services




Research Methodology-Human


School in Human Geography


New Theories of Political Geography


Worlds Strategic Region


Strategically Problems of Contemporary


Rural Management


Environmental Studies in Rural Planning


Views and Theories of Rural Development


Population Analysis in Rural Planning


Rural Planning Workshops


Application of Statistics in Human Geography


Rural Planning -Iran


Research Method in Urban and Regional Studies


Principals of Regional Planning


Laws and Regulations of City Planning


Program Principles and Techniques Biomedical Complexes


Advanced Urban Geography


Urban Landuse Planning


Prediction Techniques in Urban Planning


GIS in Urban Planning


Sustainable Urban Development


Evaluation of New Towns in Iran


Urbanization and Urban Planning in Iran


Applied GIS in Geography and Rural Planning


Human Environment and Geographical Theories


Rural Tourism Planning


Political Geography and Globalization


Hazard Management in Rural Environments


Different Approaches in International Relations


Theories and Approaches and Experiences of Urban Rehabilitation and Renewal


Methods of Assessing Sustainability in Tourism Planning


Logistics Management in Tourism Planning


Methods of Locating Tourist Complex


Design of Physical Space Tourism Complexes


Integrated Quality Management in Tourism


Models and Techniques of Decision-making and Management of Tourism Attractions


Planning for Human Settlements and New Cities


Theories and Perspectives Urban Spatial Organization


Urban Management and Spatial Development


Workshop of Urban and Regional Spatial Organization


Regional Planning


Urban and Regional Laws and Regulations in Iran


Urban Environmental Planning in Iran


Planning of Old and Problematic Fabric in Iran


Urban Housing Development Policies in Iran


Research Method in Political Geography


GIS in Political Geography


Methods and Techniques of Decision - Making


Concepts and Theories of Political Geography


Principles and Concepts and Geopolitical Theories


Political Geography of Iran


Geography of Borders Units Emphasis on Iran


Political Organization of Space


Geography and National Approach


Geographic's Disciplines (Regional and Global)


Substantive Space Political Geography


Geography of Elections






Schools of Thoughts and Theories in Geography


Research Methods in Geography and Urban Planning


Models and Methods of Decision Making in Urban Planning


The Application of Physical Geography in Urban Planning


Application of Statics and GIS in Urban Planning


Urban Land Use Planning


Spatial Policies in Urban Planning


Nature and City in Islamic Education and Culture




Approaches of Urban Environment Planning


Evaluation of Urban Development Environmental Impacts


Environmental Potentials in Planning of Urban Sustainable Development


Workshop of Urban Environmental Planning


Tourist Complex Spatial Planning Workshop


Evaluation of Urban Betterment and Urban Renewal Plans Impacts


Planning and Enablement of Urban Local Communities


Workshop of Urban Betterment and Urban Renewal


Theories, Perspectives and Methods of Planning for Urban Housing


Informal Settlements in Developing Countries


Land Economics and Urban Housing


Workshop for Housing Planning


Theories, Experiences and Spatial Policies in Urban Planning


Methods and Models of Future Research in Urban Planning


Natural Environment of City


Urban Land Use Planning


Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Urban Planning


Urban Development Rules and Regulations in Developed Countries and Iran


Regional Planning


Planning for Human Settlements and New Towns


New Theories and Viewpoints of Urban Spatial Organization


Models and Techniques of Decision Making in Urban Spatial Organization


Evaluating The Environmental Impacts of Urban Development


Ecology and Urban Environment Planning in Iran


Rules and Rights of Urban Environment


Advanced Research Methods in Rural Planning


Statistical Analysis in Rural Planning


Theories in Rural Planning and Development


Assessment of the Ecological Potential in Rural Planning


Models and Techniques of Rural Planning


Applied Remote Sensing and GIS in Rural Planning


Management of Sustainable Development in Rural Areas


Management of Economic and Social Sustainable Development in Rural Areas


Management of The Risk and Resilience in Rural Areas


Management of Local Institutions in Rural Areas


Methods and Techniques for Facilitation and Participatory Development


Application of ICT in Rural Development Management


Principles of Economics


Entrepreneurship and SME's Management in Rural Areas


Sustainable Agriculture Development


Rural Industries Planning


Risk Management in Rural Economy


Supply Chain Management in Rural Economy


Planning Workshop of Rural Economy Development


Rural Housing Planning


Project Assessment of Rural Physical Development


Principle and Methods of Physical and Spatial Planning of Rural Settlement


Rural Transportation Planning


Management of Hazards and Physical Resilience in Rural Areas


Rural Land Use Planning


Workshop of Physical-Spatial Planning of Rural Settlements


Workshop of Housing Planning and Urban Regeneration


Evaluating the Policies and Impacts of Housing and urban Regeneration


Applying the Urban Cadastral and Detailed Maps


Applying The Registration and Audit Methods of Urban Documents and Properties


Approaches and Theories of Urban Land Use and Land Audit


Workshop of Land Uses and Land Audit


Models of Evaluating and Assessing the Urban Land Use and Separation Situation


Methods of Calculating the Real Estate Charges and Incomes


Methods and Techniques of Decision Making in Land Use Planning


Land Use Planning


Land Planning Workshop


Land Management


Spatial Statistics on Land Use Planning


Land Planning in Iran


Application of Remote Sensing in Land Use Planning


Analysis of Spatial Structure in Land Use Planning


Passive Defense


Research Methods in Land Use Planning


Theories of Spatial Planning


Application of GIS in Land Use Planning


Population Planning and Communities


Land Economic Planning (Global Experience)


Ecological Evaluation of the Land


Theories and Spatial Policies in Tourism Planning


Decision Making and Future Studies Models in Geography and Tourism Planning


Optimization in Planning Tourism System


Advanced Research Methods in Tourism Studies


Database and Spatial Data of Tourism


Statistical Analysis in Tourism


GIS Spatial Analysis in Locating Infrastructures and Tourism Complexes


Environmental Power in Planning Tourism Development in Iran


Sustainable Tourism Development Assessment


Spatial Planning - Time Tourism in Iran


Designing Techniques for Tourism Complexes


Space Tourism Planning Workshop


Planning and Enablement of Urban Local Communities


Statistical Analysis in Rural Planning


Geographical Technology of GID,RS,...In Rural planning


Schools and Theoretical foundation of development and Rural Planning


Research Methods in Rural Planning


Environment al planning in Rural areas


Methods and Techniques of Decision making in Rural Planning


Environ mental Potential and Economic of Rural space


Microeconomic and Macroeconomic and Economic Planning


Spatial Analysis of Rural-Urban Relations


Development Geography and Economic theories


Planning Workshop on Spatial Economics


Planning of the Rural Economy


Rural Law and Rules/Regulation




Strategic Management of Rural Development


Planning of Risk and Hazards Management in Rural Areas


Management of Sustainable Development of Physical - Spatial and Ecological Rural Regions


Social and Economic Sustainable Development of Rural Areas


Workshop on Sustainable Rural Development Management


Research Method


Tourism Law


Geography of Leisure


Geographic In Formation System (GIS) And Application In Tourism Planning


Natural Ecosystems


Techniques and Models of Tourism Planning


Rural and Nomads Tourism


Urban Tourism


Cultural Tourism


Organize Tourism Attractions in Iran


Tourism Economics with Emphasis of Iran


Tourism Development and World Experiences


Planning and Development of Tourism in Iran




Theoretical Bases of Planning


Climate and Comfort in Tourism Planning


Technologies of Geographical Data for Tourism planning


Methodology of Tourism Planning


Geographical Theories and schools in Tourism planning


Theoretical bases of Regional-Spatial planning in Tourism


Spatial Planning Workshop for Regional Tourism


Decision Making Models and Techniques and quality Management of Tourism Products (Productions, Services


Tourism Planning in Rural and Nomadic Regions


Ecosystems and Natural Heritage in Tourism Planning


Economic and Marking Planning in Tourism


Environmental Hazards in Tourism


Tourism Planning in Urban Regions




Methodology of Territorial Development


Theories of Territorial Development and Spatial Planning


Regional Land Use Planning


Applied Spatial Statistics and GIS in Territorial Development


Political and Security Dimensions of Territorial Development


Methods and Techniques in Territorial Development


Methods and Techniques of Regional Population Analysis and Social Dimension


Locating Activities and Biological Spaces


Methods and Techniques of Spatial Activities and Economics Analysis


Analysis of the Spatial Structure of the Region


Management of Territory Development


Workshop for Territory Development Plans


Territorial Dimensions of Spatial Planning