Department of Remote Sensing and GIS



Title of comprehensive research project


Dr. Sayed Kazem Alavi Panah

Dr. Farshad Amir Aslani

Dr. Ali Darwishi Blurani

Evaluating and modeling resources and ecological power with satellite imagery


Dr. Ataullah Abdollahi

Coastal Management and Remote Sensing Application.


Dr. Najme Neissani Samani

Application of GIS base on pervasive computation, AI algorithms and optimization approaches in Science and Technology of the Earth.


Dr. aara toomanian

Application of spatial data infrastructure (SDI) and GIS in the earth sciences (Modelling, SDSS, SDM).


Dr. Saeed Hamzeh

Integrated water resources management studies.


Dr. Sarah Attarchi

Application of Radar and Lidar images in environmental studies


Dr. Mohammad Reza Jolokhani

Spatial Decision support systems (SDSS) and smart cities


Dr. Majid Kiaverz Moghdam

Spatial Analysis Based on remote sensing Satellite Images in Urban Area.


Dr. Seyed Yousef Erfani Fard

Efficiency of modern cartography in thematic mapping.


Dr. Meysam Organi

Smart cities Development in Iran using GIS approaches.