Department of physical Geography


Title of comprehensive research project


Geomorphology, environmental management and hazards

Dr. Ebrahim Moghimi

Dr. Mansoor Jafar Biglou

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Zamanzadeh

Dr. Seyed Mousa Hosseini

Dr. Shirin Mohammad Khan

Climate and agriculture

Dr. Saeed Bazgir

Quaternary geomorphology and environmental management.

Dr. Mojtaba Yamani

Dr. Mehran Maghsoudi

Dr. Abolghasem Gurabi

Changes, hazards and modeling in climatology.

Dr. Ghasem Azizi

Dr. Faramarz Honestly

Dr. Mostafa Karimi Ahmadabad

Climate changes and urban climatology.

Dr. Hossein Mohammadi

Dr. Ali Akbar Shamsipour

Dr. Masoumeh Mobel

Geomorphic hazards (Karst hazards).

Dr. Mehrnush Ghadimi