Department of Human Geography


Title of comprehensive research project


A Studies and spatial – local planning of settlement in Iran.

Dr. Karamat Allah Ziari

Dr. Ahmad Pourahmad

Organizing disordered urban fabrics in Iran and urban sustainable development issues..

Dr. Hossein Hataminezhad

Rural-Urban Linkages and Sustainable Development of Rural Settlements in Iran.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Rezvani

Dr. Mohammadamin Khorasani

Planning and sustainable rural development management.

Dr. Sayed Ali Badri

Dr. Alireza Derban Astana

Analysis of Urban spatial growth of Iranian cities emphasis on urban smart growth.

Dr. Saeed Zanganeh

Rural Sustainable Development in Iran

Dr. Seyed Hossein Motie Langroudi

Dr. Mojtaba Ghadiri

Dr. Muhammad Salmani

New approaches in rural planning.

Dr. Fazilah Dadvar

Research and development of intelligent systems in spatial planning (Rural, Urban, and Tourism).

Dr. Hassanali Faraji

Urban Growth patterns Processes in Iran.

Dr. Sayed Abbas Rajaee

Dr Hossein Mansourian

Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Rural Development

Dr. Zahra Torkashvand

Explanation of processes, transition, and changes of metropolitan areas and urban spatial structure and of Iran.

Dr. Ali Hosseini