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UT Professor sends a message to Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day 2020

UT Professor sends a message to Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day 2020

Dr. Seyed Kazem Alavipanah, Professor of University of Tehran firstly sent a message to Geography Awareness week and GIS day 2020 held in Geography Department of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

In addition, by official invitation of Dr. Masoud Minaei, scientific secretary of the conference he as a key speaker presented talked with the topic of World Consciousness: Is heat an indicator of world consciousness?!

1) He told that it is the time to say Happy GIS day, but he added:

I wish we could celebrate a healthy planet that some environmental, political, economic challenges especially Corona virus disease to be solved. He mentioned that GIS and remote sensing could have a great contribution in making a better world through a lot of information and their processing and analyzing.

2) He started his talk with the question of: Has every action a thermal reaction that could be remotely sensing. To answer this question he discussed about some fundamental physics laws especially thermal infrared energy and the key role of heat in any physical, chemical, biological and emotional actions. He showed some examples of the fever of body and also fever of the earth in relation to human impact on the Earth.  In fact he discussed about climatic change and global warming in relation to heat dissipation. He defined the consciousness as thermal reaction to the action that could be remotely sensing potentially.

He concluded in order to be able to discover information from all the mentioned action and thermal reactions we need to generalized and to study all relationships between change, consciousness, entropy, thermal infrared change, emotion in living organisms and nonliving objects.

Dr Alavipanah in the end of his speech suggested that to produce a lot of Information from Thermal IR in future the researchers and scientists should include the factor of change and heat in their all researches.