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Congratulations from the land of Iran. Why from the land of Iran?!

Congratulations from the land of Iran. Why from the land of Iran?!

Congratulations on Nowruz

Congratulations from the land of Iran. Why from the land of Iran?!


According to the 11th-century Persian astronomer and poet Omar Khayyam, who designed the Jalali Calendar to be referred to as the most precise and scientific calendar in the world, "Nowruz" is described as "the renewal of the world" by celebrating the first day of Spring. In the history of Ancient Persia, Nowruz is ritually practiced as an important part of culture.


This message is from the land of poetry and literature, Iran, from a land that has accumulated more than ten thousand poets and millions of poems in the past thousand years. Many sages and philosophers have always used this feature of poetry as a glorious and effective means of exaltation. How many hearts have been conquered by poetry and thoughts that have been fertilized by it.


Since human beings change at the time of peace and battle, they never gain spiritual unity; therefore, their souls lack unity (Rumi).


In this day and age, the main focus of governments is not to figure out the root and causes of problems, they seek the privileges instead. Thus, most of the problems in the world aren't solved and eradicated, and even if solved, they bring about other predicament.


What is the principle? Everything changes regardless of the place and time, and it is only the word "change" that remains unchanged. What are some of the responsibilities that we have to shoulder regarding the Corona disease? We can survive a disaster provided that we make some changes to ourselves along with the changes that take place in environment and nature, if not so, we are condemned to perish. As before, if we were the reason for improper changes in nature and environment, we would deserve death.


Last year was a year filled with sorrow and grief. Many suffered from shortness of breath due to being infected by Coronovirus and eventually a tragic death, resulting in more dejection.


How a verse exciteth afresh the heart that is sorrowful! A subtlety out of this book, we uttered and is this very subtlety (Hafiz)


However, scientists and researchers have been striving against this ill-fated malady throughvaccination. Perhaps this will be a stimulus to all humans to remind them of their unjustifiable pride.


You are so greedy that an elephant would be a moral for your greediness, and if you welcome greediness, it seems as if an Ababil bird has hunted an elephant (Rumi).

It is cited, O human! What has deceived you concerning your Generous Lord? In this utter chaos caused by corona pandemic, we are witnessing that a virus with an overall weight of less than five grams has paralyzed people, bringing the whole globe to a standstill in both economic and social terms.


This last year was the year that the spirit of convergence blossomed due to the immediate co-presence of Christianity and Islam leaders. This, although being symbolic rare, and limited, gives different ideologies the opportunity of having constructive and fruitful conversations to benefit from in the future.May this year bring humans an abundance of peace and love than war, and it give us the vision to understand the fact that not every competition is a battlefield and as it is said "Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit".


Dr. Seyyed Kazem Alavipanah-Professor of University of Tehran